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Product Detail
CAS: 87616-84-0
MW: 873.01
MF: C46H56N12O6
Alias: Ghrp6
MOQ: 10vials
Price: Negotiated
Product Description

Legal Gh Weight Loss Injectable Human Peptides Ghrp-6 5mg10mg

Quick Details
Common Name: Ghrp6, GHRP-6
Synonyms: GHRP 6 Acetate
CAS NO.: 87616-84-0
Molecular Formula: C46H56N12O6
Molecular weight: 873.01
Molar Mass: 873.014
Peptide purity: > 99.0%
Appearance: White lyophilized powder

Ghrp6 Description
1. Growth Hormone Releasing Hexapeptide, abbreviated as GHRP-6, is a peptide and is among the growth factor hormones. It is made up of 28 amino acids and is a true human effective growth hormone (H-G-H) secretagogue, which stimulates the body's secretion of growth hormone (GH). Basically, GHRP-6 tells the body to produce more HGH and IGF-1, which in turn promotes food intake.
2. GHRP-6 is mainly used to encourage food consumption by stimulating hunger and serving in energy metabolism. It is also an effective use in treating GH deficiency, along with obesity, cachexia, and eating disorders.

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