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Product Detail
CAS: 86168-78-7
MW: /
MF: C149H246N44O42S
Alias: Sermorelin
MOQ: 10vials
Price: Negotiated
Product Description

Sermorelin CAS: 86168-78-7 Freeze-Dried Powder for Boosting Growth

Quick Details:

Product name:




CAS No.:





White powder

Form & Formulations:

Sterile Filtered white lyophilized (Freeze-Dried)


>98% by RP-HPLC

Water Content:

≤ 7.0% by Karl Fischer

Acetate Content:

≤ 10.0% by RP-HPLC

Bacterial Endotoxins:

≤ 5EU/mg


Suitable for cell culture and animal experiment, Not for human use!


2-8 degree centigrade refrigerator

How does Sermorelin come?
Sermorelin is presented in a multi-dosed, injectable vial.  Each vial contains a powder disc which contains 15mg (15,000 micrograms) of lyophilized Sermorelin Acetate. The vial is vacuum sealed by the pharmacy for your protection and for the preservation of the hormone peptide.  Each Sermorelin vial also comes with a bottle of Bacteriostatic Water as a diluent.  The Bacteriostatic Water is mixed with the Sermorelin to provide solution for injection.  Administration and storage instructions will be provided with your prescription.

How do I take Sermorelin?
Sermorelin is injected into the body fat, subcutaneously, using a very small needle similar to what a diabetic uses to inject insulin. Injections are initially prescribed for every day and are decreased in frequency over time.

When do I take Sermorelin?
The best time to take Sermorelin is prior to bedtime. Growth Hormones is primarily released during sleep and most beneficial to the body's recovery and repair during this time. Sermorelin has a promoting effect on sleep and can therefore make you tired if taken during the day.

How do you measure the effectiveness of Sermorelin?
Due to the pulsatile nature of IGF-1, a single blood draw is not sufficient for accurate measurement. Most physicians who prescribe Sermorelin and similar peptides measure effectiveness in patients through symptomology (the study of your symptoms-see benefits); physical appearance and measurements; and more frequent blood analysis.

How will I know its working?
After 4 years of observing patients taking Sermorelin, I have noticed that patients usually report improved sleep within the first few weeks of therapy. Of course, this is only noticed in patients who have trouble sleeping in the first place, however most patients at least notice an increase in sleep quality. This is usually concurrent with increased energy levels and improved mood. After 3-6 months of therapy patients start reporting noticeable or significant body changes, such as increase in muscle tone and a leaner physique. Over time patients will also notice a significant improvement in skin tone and health.

Dosage and Usage
Sermorelin, along with the other peptides you will use, comes as a delicate lyophilized powder that should be kept out of the light and in a cool dry place. Reconstitution is done with bacteriostatic water (BC water) or sodium chloride meant for injection. Injections can be administered one hour before workout at a dose of 200mcg-300mcg.

Normally, Sermorelin injections are taken before bed at around 300mcgs. Of course, as with any GHRH, you will want to use this peptide alongside a GHRP like GHRP-2 or Ipamorelin for maximum release of hormone stores.

Ideally, though user could still benefit from using a GHRH like CJC 1295 with DAC and a GHRP like Ipamorelin throughout the day and then utilize Sermorelin as a pre-bed timed dose. Do not discount Sermorelin as simply an anti-aging peptide. It can still help promote the growth of lean body mass and increase the availability of IGF-1 in the blood stream.

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